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Reviews written by Emily Jane Jupp

 Posh Bogs,  Sunday, 12 August 2007

Overall rating
WC1 is a luxury toilet and powder room on Oxford Street opposite Selfridges. It boasts that its facilities are an urban oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the half-demented shoppers fighting over handbags in the new Primark or jostling for the last Kate look alike dress in Topshop, so Last Rounds went to check it out…

Upon entering I see Barbie chic pink and white ornamentation and a gaggle of girls sit around gazing blankly at the walls and filing their nails – commented customers? No they actually work here, but can’t be arsed to come over and talk to you or tell you anything about the supposedly edenic public convenience you have just shuffle into, in fact I had to ask them – so how does this work then? And even then they just pointed towards the bogs and mumbled – “toilet – one pound”. It was certainly not the coiffed and painstakingly polite service I was expecting. To be fair this could be because I arrived at 7.45, and the WC closes at 8pm, (so a late night post clubbing pee is out of the question) and they were eager to get home, but still.

So the facilities themselves were impeccably clean, white walls, white floor, a little lady with a mop goes in and cleans the loo after every flush so you can be assured yours is the virgin pee to touch that glimmering white seat, though it was a little disconcerting to have the lady usher me in to the most recently cleaned cubicle. The girls who have just come out say its “great if you work nearby and need to get ready for a night out” and that they would definitely go again, which I take as a Good Sign…Inside it was very comfortable, lots of pink décor, fresh flowers, beautifully scented, even moist towelettes and baby changing facilities but one glaring omission – there’s no mirror inside the loo. As I had planned to get ready for the evening out in my little cubicle this rather scuppered my plans, there were plenty of mirrors in the outer atrium, but that’s communal, and also not full length. I go outside to ask and discover that there are separate changing rooms which cost a fiver each. Now Selfridges is across the road and they have loos with a dressing table area and long mirrors, and that’s free, so I decide to pass and opt for the £5 mini makeover.

The lady is very rushed and clearly desperate to escape dead on the hour because she paints my face a rather unflattering orange colour and covers my eyelids in uneven brown powder. I come out looking dressed for Halloween rather than a glam evening out. As I am hurriedly escorted out the door I spot some much needed hair straighteners on the side – “how much to use those?” I ask, “they are free madam” responds my style guru, as they start to lock up and politely but firmly close the door.

Well maybe next time…

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